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Now Recover Lost SQL SA & User Password from SQL Server 2017, 2016 & Below Versions.

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SQL Server Password Recovery Tool with Splendid Features

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Recover Lost SQL Database Password

The SQL database password recovery tool is programmed to recover SQL Server database password assigned to selected database files and resets them as per user command. It is beneficial for eliminating passwords from SQL files that have become inaccessible due to the security parameters and user can reset both SQL database SA and User password.

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Remove Alpha Numeric & Special Character

All kinds of passwords including alphanumeric, special characters, multilingual, etc. can be eliminated from files using this SQL password recovery software without negotiating with the integrity of data incorporated into these files. No matter, whatever is the length, the database components will be recovered from all varieties of security codes.

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Recovers Unknown/Empty Password

Once the master.mdf file is being selected and uploaded to the panel, it will list all the users incorporated into that database with assigned codes being displayed as 'Unknown' and 'Empty'. All the encrypted passwords will be marked as Unknown and if there is no password assigned, the associated field will be marked as Empty.

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Keeps All Integral Components Intact

While removing security codes, the SQL Server database password recovery maintains all the integral elements of files in their original structure without making any compromises with the integrity of existing data. However, it is recommended to backup data files before initializing password elimination procedure.

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Process Selective SQL Database Files

If there are bulk files present in the selected MDF and you require removing passwords from selective files, the tool will allow you to select those that are to be processed; by checking\ unchecking the associated checkboxes. It will then process given files altogether and afterwards user can access these files without any password.

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Flexibility Over All Windows Versions

It is flexible enough to run over all the versions of Windows including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and all previous versions. Moreover, the SQL SA password recovery tool can change database password from SQL Server 2017 and all lower versions and due to its light size it does not occupy much space on disk and does not conflict with the functionality of other running applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the SQL Password Recovery Software works in Live Mode as well as in Offline Mode.
To Recover Password from master.mdf, It Needs to be in a Healthy State.
Yes, It Recovers SQL SA and User Database Password.
Yes, the SQL Password Recovery Software can Change Database Password from SQL Server 2017/2016 and below versions.

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"Assigning passwords to SQL files is essential to safeguard data from any unauthorized access, but sometimes these security codes become obstacles and interrupts the ongoing smooth work functionality; when forgotten. Thanks to SQL database password recovery tool that helped me beyond expectations to overcome the situation."
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"I got some password protected SQL files with unknown password credentials because it was assigned by one of my colleague who is not available. Since the files got some crucial information, the priority was to remove password encryption from them. Finally SQL database password reset tool proved to be the silver lining solution. Thanks to the tool for its outstanding performance!"
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